We all live busy lives. Unfortunately, there isn't enough time in a day to get it ALL done. When it comes to prioritizing -  trust us, we've been there - the diet takes the back seat. That's exactly why we started MealGods. Our mission to liberate your schedule by supplementing your diet with fresh, convenient, affordable and delicious meals. Backed by a team of certified executive chefs operating in an AHS approved commercial kitchen, our team is here to help you prioritize and achieve those goals! Whatever path you're on, we're here to keep your spending low, your tastebuds satisfied, and your health at it's peak! A balanced lifestyle, exactly where you NEED it.

Our business model is based on a minimum order of 12 meals so you can access some savings and have meals delivered directly to your front door step! Follow the steps below to order meals and be indulging in no time!

Visit our order page and choose your meals. Whatever your goals are, we've got the variety to fit your lifestyle.


Place your order by adding items to your cart, select a delivery window of time, and complete your checkout.


Await your confirmation message via e-mail and you're all set!



At check-out, you will have the option to make your order a subscription.

Subscribing unlocks huge savings! Some common questions are listed below:

Why subscribe? Not only does subscribing unlock wicked savings like 5%, 10%, and 15% off these already affordable meals, but subscribing puts the ball in our court. When you subscribe, you enter your payment information one time and you're done - meals are delivered each Monday without having to even visit our website.

How long am I able to subscribe for? When completing your order, you'll see the option to subscribe for 4 weeks (5% discount), 6 weeks (10% discount), and 8 weeks (15% discount). If you'd like to subscribe for a longer period of time, please contact us directly via e-mail or our contact page and we will do our best to accommodate your order with additional savings.

Will I be able to change my meal choices each week of the subscription? Yes, absolutely! When you first subscribe, you will choose the meals you want. After that, on the Friday before your next delivery, you'll receive a text message and/or email that requests your choices for Monday's delivery. (Changing your meal level (ex. Choosing $8 meals for week 1, and then $10 meals for week 2) - will be subject to charging you the price increase/decrease.

Can I pause or put my subscription on hold? Unfortunately no. We are only able to offer such large savings because you're providing us with consistency for the upcoming weeks. With how delicious the meals are, you won't even want to put it on hold ;).

Can I cancel my subscription? Subscriptions cannot be cancelled. The huge savings you get from subscribing are subject to fulfilling the entire duration of your subscription.